Choosing the fundraising charity is best when funds used for right charitable aim.


Many OLD AGE homes are going through financial difficulties especially during this covid period we TOPPdealz will efforts to improve the quality of care provided to the elderly through the introduction of various initiatives aimed at improving their quality of life and the value of services provided to elderly.

 NGOs are also facing difficulty in finding sufficient, appropriate and continuous funding for their work. They find accessing donors as challenging as dealing with their funding conditions.

The power of your support is immense.

  • You can donate your charities of their choice in any form to the old age home or Orphans and NGO’s.   
  • You can send a donation and become a part of the solution for families.
  • Donate to help such organizations to buy the clothes, food products etc.
  • The earth needs saving - let's raise money for clean water for elderly.
  1. TOPPdealz gives charity upon customers request made while purchasing.
  2. Those who purchase items and does not provide right address or could not accept delivery for unknown reasons then after waiting for a month we will deliver product to nearby NGO, s.
  3. If the customer wish to participate in charities directly to the TOPPdealz to become a part of best aim of life they can contact us on

Let's work together to make the world a better place.